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Seasonal Tips


Do you ever wonder if you missed something in trying to keep those pesky weeds out of your beds? If you are planting your Boxwood correctly at your front entrance? Or maybe you just can't remember what to do to keep your Petunias looking thick and full all Summer long like your neighbors. Look no further.


If you have more questions? Call us- we'd love to help!


Lime can be applied at anytime during the year. Do not apply at the same time as fertilizer.

Late February, Early March

  • Slow release lawn fertilizer

Mid March

  • Pre-emergent crabgrass control (when forsythia are in full bloom)

April, May, June

  • Spray weeds with liquid herbicide

July, August

  • Water, mow lawn- tall fescue mow a minimum of 3 inches

First of September

  • Slow release lawn fertilizer and any renovating can be done now


  • Last fertilizing of the year, if needed



     Water as needed

     Fertilize every 10 days

     Dead head spent blooms


    Water as needed - may be 1-2 times daily

    Fertilize weekly

    Dead head spent blooms

    Trim hanging plants back to push growth back to the root and make them thicker



Tree & Shrubs



The biggest mistake we encounter when looking at newly planted trees is that they were planted too deep in the ground!


In this area of the country when you dig your planting hole, it should be half again the width of the ball of earth and no deeper than the ball of earth.


When the plant is placed in the hole, the top of the ball should be a little above your ground level. Mix a little soil conditioner with the existing dirt and fill in the hole. Then add your mulch making sure not to pile it around the trunk of the tree.


Happy Planting!


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